Past Prime Ministers 

The Israeli Prime Minister is the head of the executive branch in the Israeli system of government and holds the majority of executive governing responsibilities.
The Prime Minister is elected in democratic elections and takes office after forming a government and receiving the Knesset’s approval for the government he has assembled.
Since the Declaration of the State of Israel and the Provisional State Council, Israel has had 12 prime ministers.


Past Governments 

The Government of Israel is the executive branch of the State of Israel.The government is headed by the Prime Minister, and its members are the ministers. The Prime Minister has the power to appoint the ministers (with approval of the Knesset) and to relieve them of duty. The Government of Israel has authority over most national and public affairs, and represents the State of Israel outside its borders.
Since 1968, the appointment and work of the Government are regulated by the Basic Law: The Government.
The current Government is the 32nd Government to serve the State of Israel.


Past Cabinet Secretaries 

The Cabinet Secretary is appointed by the Government at the Prime Minister’s recommendation. As head of the Government Secretariat, the Secretary is responsible for all areas under the purview of the Secretariat: preparing the agenda for Government meetings and ministerial committees, Government spokesmanship, the relations between the Government and the Knesset and between the Government and the President of the State of Israel, follow-up on the implementation of Government Resolutions and other assignments given to the Secretariat by the Prime Minister.
17 Cabinet Secretaries have served in Israel’s Governments.