Government Resolutions
Prime Minister's Office

The Government holds its weekly meetings every Sunday. At the Government meetings, surveys are given on various subjects, and proposed resolutions submitted by ministers to the Government are discussed and placed on the agenda. From the moment the Government approves a proposed resolution, it becomes a Government Resolution and the ministers must implement it.

The proposed resolutions are submitted in writing by the various ministers no later than Wednesday of every week. Proposed resolutions submitted and approved by the Prime Minister are added to the Government’s Agenda and are distributed to the ministers for their examination, along with the agenda, at least 48 hours prior to the Government meeting.

Resolutions by the Ministerial Committees become valid Government Resolutions two weeks after being distributed to the ministers if no Government member appeals.

Each resolution receives a sequential number.

The manner in which resolutions are approved is detailed in the “Statute of Government Operation”.
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