PM Netanyahu Holds Special Discussion to Approve an Action Plan to Repatriate Illegal Migrants
Briefing Room
יום ראשון ז' אב תשע"ג
Photo by GPO 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today held a special discussion to approve an action plan to repatriate illegal migrants.

The plan that was approved focuses on repatriating illegal migrants either to their countries of origin or to third countries that will absorb them. The plan was also approved by legal authorities and will be implemented in conjunction with the Migration and Population Administration, the Israel Police and other relevant officials.

Participating in the discussion were Interior Minister Gideon Saar, Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, Haggai Hadas, and representatives of – inter alia – the Migration and Population Administration, the Justice Ministry, the Finance Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and the Israel Police.

During the meeting, it was noted that the actions carried out by the government in the struggle against illegal migration led to a 99.6% drop in the number of migrants reaching Israel in the first half of 2013, as compared to the first half of 2012. In the first six months of the year, a mere 34 illegal migrants reached Israel's borders, as opposed to 9,570 last year. All illegal migrants who have arrived since June 2012 have been moved directly to holding facilities and none reached Israel's cities.

Blocking the phenomenon of illegal migration succeeded thanks to the Government's combined action plan which includes building a fence along the Western border and preventing illegal migrants from crossing the border. As of now, the Defense Ministry has completed over 235 kilometers of fence, and the remaining kilometers around Eilat will be completed soon.

At the same time, illegal migrants have been prevented from reaching Israel's cities. All illegal migrants who reach the border are moved directly to holding facilities, in accordance with the law on preventing illegal migration, which was initiated by the Government and which allows illegal migrants to be detained for up to three years.

Last month the Knesset approved, on its second and third readings, the law that bans illegal migrants from sending money beyond Israel's borders until they leave the country, as an additional step designed to reduce the number of illegal migrants.

Following the procedure which was approved by Attorney General Weinstein, the repatriation of illegal migrants from the Saharonim facility to their countries has resumed. A joint inter-ministerial team has also been established to work on combined enforcement in urban centers.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "We succeeded in blocking the phenomenon of illegal migration. This was an extraordinary achievement for the State of Israel because every Western country, to some extent, has failed to do this.  No illegal additional migrant has reached an Israeli city – not Tel Aviv, not Arad, not Eilat and not anywhere. Now we are focusing on the issue of repatriating the illegal migrants who are already there. We are doing so while respecting all legal and international norms; we are acting very responsibly and very determinedly. We started to move them out, we have already moved out several thousand, and we will continue to move them out of Israel's cities. There are severe problems there of crime, of tension, of employment, of sanitation. I am determined, and the ministers are determined, to implement this because we know that it is essential for the welfare of Israel's citizens and for its future as a Jewish and democratic state."

Interior Minister Saar said, "In my first tour of south Tel Aviv as Interior Minister, I presented the Government's policy: Repatriating illegal migrants to the countries or to third countries. In the past three months, we have taken several very significant steps to advance this policy. The main task is yet before us. This problem was not created in a day and it would be incorrect to create the illusion that it can be solved in a day. It is possible to say that every day there are fewer illegal migrants because the steps taken by the Netanyahu government have blocked entry and are advancing the opposite process. We are taking all these actions while guarding the image of the State of Israel and its values as a Jewish and democratic state. The objective is to maintain Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. We are all certainly determined to achieve this and we believe that we will succeed on the basis of that same determination that same progress. If we compare [Israel] to other Western countries, no country has similarly dealt with the same phenomenon."

Public Security Minister Aharonovitch said, "We have opened holding facilities and currently have the possibility of absorbing another 5,000 places for illegal migrants as soon as they are detained. At the same time, we are dealing with the phenomenon mainly – but not exclusively – in south Tel Aviv. We strengthened the local police station and added almost 200 officers to the Border Police unit. If there are illegal migrants involved in crime, we arrest them and move them to holding facilities."