PM Netanyahu is Interviewed for the First Time in the Persian-language Media
Briefing Room
יום חמישי כ"ט תשרי תשע"ד
Photo by GPO 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today, was interviewed, for the first time, by the BBC Television's Persian Service, which is watched in Iran despite attempts by the regime to block it. According to BBC estimates, 12 million viewers watch its broadcasts weekly.

Prime Minister Netanyahu presented Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's book "National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy" including citations which prove that Rouhani previously oversaw a policy of deliberately misleading the West in order to allow Iran to continue with its military nuclear program in a relaxed diplomatic atmosphere.

Prime Minister Netanyahu used Persian words to show that Israel was not impressed by Iranian President Rouhani's remarks. "We are not sadeh-lowh [suckers]. I will welcome an effort to stop the nuclear program but not harf-e pootch [a fake one]," the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Netanyahu appealed directly to the Iranian people and emphasized that it is the ayatollahs' extremist regime which is responsible or the harsh sanctions and the socio-economic situation in Iran due to its efforts to achieve nuclear weapons which endanger the peace of the entire world. He also stressed the historic friendship between the Jewish and Persian peoples, two ancient peoples that had close relations until the rise of the ayatollahs' regime.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that if the Iranian regime has nuclear weapons, the Iranian people will never be free of dictatorship and will live in eternal servitude. He added that the Iranian people are paying a steep price for the military nuclear program which the regime claims it does not have. He asserted that while Israel wants a diplomatic solution, it must be a full and genuine solution. He said that he had seen the Iranian people's desire or change and democracy and concluded by pointing out that Jewish and Iranian peoples could be friends again if the present regime falls.