Decision to Establish a New National Authority for Operative Cyber Defense
Briefing Room
יום ראשון כ"ו אלול תשע"ד

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to establish a national operative cyber defense authority and has instructed Israel National Cyber Bureau Head Dr. Eviatar Matania to lead its establishment. The new authority will receive the necessary responsibility and authority to defend the civilian sphere from cyber threats and will constitute an operative agency that will act alongside the INCB, which will continue to build and maintain the State of Israel's national strength as an international leader in the field.

Prime Minister Netanyahu's decision was made pursuant to comprehensive and thorough staff work on the issue of Israel's national preparedness for operative defense in the cyber sphere. The work indicated the need for a designated body to link the civilian and security spheres, to coordinate between leading experts in the field and lead Israel's overall defensive activity while taking a long-term view of the increasing and developing cyber threats.

Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed INCB Head Dr. Matania to submit the initiative for Security Cabinet approval within 60 days and lead the establishment of the authority with a multi-year plan in cooperation with the other relevant agencies.

At the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday, 21 September 2014), Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "I decided last week to develop a national authority on the cyber issue to arrange and see to defending the entire State of Israel on the cyber issue. That is, defending not only important facilities and security agencies, but how to defend Israeli citizens against these attacks. This is the establishment of a new authority. It is, in effect, the creation of an air force against new threats and not rely on this being carried out by existing agencies. We are in a new world; we are preparing with new forces. This has very major significance for the defense of the State of Israel in the future."

INCB Head Dr. Matania said, "Dealing with the cyber threat on the national level in the coming decades constitutes a strategic challenge that all countries must deal with. This is a historic decision. The establishment of a national cyber defense authority, alongside the effort to build advanced and unique technologies will bolster the State of Israel's position as a leader in the field and make a major contribution to defending the economy and encouraging growth."