Israel National Cyber Bureau and Ministry of Defense Directorate for Research & Development Announce Plan to Advance Dual Civilian-Defense R&D Projects
Briefing Room
יום רביעי ט"ו חשון תשע"ג

Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB) in the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Defense Directorate for Research & Development announce the establishment of a dual cyber security program, named MASAD, to promote R&D projects that serve both civilian and defense goals on the national level. This is in order to strengthen and advance Israel's capabilities in cyberspace, turn it into a leading country in cyber-technology and thereby serve as a new growth engine for the Israeli economy.

The new plan, at a preliminary cost of NIS 10 million in the coming year, is designed for all those involved in the cyber field in Israel, from start-ups to established companies and academia.

Head of the INCB Dr. Eviatar Matania said: "The plan is an additional stage in advancing the technological infrastructure of the State of Israel and turning it into a global cyber power. Cooperation with the DDR&D as a leading agency in the field of defense R&D in Israel, as well as the NIS 50 million three-year-plan to encourage academic research and the plan for boosting the cyber security industry in Israel – are a significant component en route to reaching this goal."

MoD DDR&D Director Ofir Shoham said: "The plan is an additional layer in the MoD's preparations to meet the cyber challenges currently facing the State of Israel and will continue to be so in the future. The field of cyber is receiving great attention through research activities and projects developed by local companies acting in cooperation with various elements in the defense community. The MASAD plan is expected to link technological vectors based on the know-how and capabilities of companies and academia with common defense and civilian needs."