PM Netanyahu Adjourns Security Cabinet Meeting
Briefing Room
יום רביעי י"ח אלול תשע"ב

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, announced the adjournment of the continuing Security Cabinet meeting. He said at the start of the meeting:

"A short time after the conclusion of yesterday's meeting, a very serious thing happened: A leak from within the Cabinet's discussions. The security of the state and its citizens depends on the ability to hold confidential and in-depth discussions in the Security Cabinet. There all the facts are shown, all opinions and all implications. This is a basic work tool in managing state security.

Yesterday, somebody severely undermined the confidence that Israeli citizens give to this forum. He violated the most basic rules regarding the conduct of Security Cabinet discussions. He also hurt the good name of those present at the meeting who did not leak its contents.

I have no claim against the media; they are doing their job. I do have a claim against whoever violated the most basic trust needed to hold Security Cabinet discussions on matters having to do with Israel's security, and undermined the ability to hold confidential discussions. I am responsible to the citizens of Israel and for the security of the state and I adjourn this meeting."