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How does it work?
The RSS Reader scans the RSS files, analyzes which are the new media that have been added to the Site and feeds the new headings and the relevant link to your computer.

First Stage: Downloading RSS Reader
The RSS Reader program must be downloaded, in order to  read the media channels that you have defined and forward them from the Sites that you have selected to your computer. News Readers can be downloaded free of charge.

Download RSS Reader

Please note:  The program requires the support of Microsoft  .Net Framework.  For free download and installation,  press here.

Second Stage: Defining the media channels
The media sections that interest you must be defined by copying the RSS channel address and pasting it in the program.

Third Stage: Viewing the information
The application will check once every few minutes whether there have been any updates on the media sections that you have selected.  You can view the news headlines at any time and select whether to surf to the summary or to the full story.