Alternative Fuels Administration
Divisions and Authorities

 Alternative Fuels Administration 

The Alternative Fuels Administration aims to implement government policy and support for the establishment and nurturing of a homegrown fuel alternatives industry, with the ultimate goal of reducing the world's dependence on oil in transportation.

The Initiative's activities are wide-ranging and encompass cooperation with several government departments. The Administration's goals are:

1.     Reduction of Israel’s oil consumption while serving as a role model for the world.

2.     Establishing Israel as a center of academic and industrial know-how in the field of fuel alternatives.

3.     Dissemination of Israel's vision and expertise throughout the world and acceleration of the world's progress in the field of fuel alternatives for transportation, both through communicating Israel’s policies and experience and through collaboration with global leaders in the field of fuel alternatives.


Oil Free Initiative Governmental Team

NameDownJob TitleDown
Eyal RosnerDirector
Sagi DaganDeputy Director
Dr. Anat BonshtienCoordinator of Academic Relations, Pilots, and Demonstrations
Elad DavidProject Manager
Idan TzafrirProject Manager
Efrat DinermanMimshak Fellow

Governmental Partners

NameDownResponsible MinistryDown
Dr. Bracha HalafMinistry of Energy and Water Resources
Michael LotemMinistry of Foreign Affairs
Gil Shaki Office of Chief Scientist , MOITAL
Eyal Solomon Ministry of Transport
Ophir Gore Israel NewTech, MOITAL
Amir ZaltzbergMinistry of Environmental Protection