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The National Economic Council serves as a coordinating body for the Prime Minister on topics which require comprehensive and methodological economic thinking, assists in decision-making processes and is involved in projects on the Prime Minister's agenda and that of the government in general.

The Council was established in 2006, with the goal of answering the demand for a professional economic body with a macroeconomic perspective and a high analytical ability that would operate in the Prime Minister's Office.

The Head of the Council

Name: Avi Simhon

The Prime Minister appoints an advisory council to serve alongside the National Economic Council. The Advisory Council's role is to assist the Prime Minister and the NEC in its areas of activity and in formulating policy recommendations for issues under its purview.

The Prime Minister appoints the head of the Advisory Council from among the public representatives on the Council, and the Council includes economists and senior officials with diverse experience from the public and business sectors and from academia.