Mission OF the Bureau
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 Mission Of the Bureau 

The Bureau functions as an advising body for the Prime Minister, the government and its committees, which recommends national policy in the cyber field and promotes its implementation, in accordance with the law and government resolutions.

The Bureau works to promote the national capability in cyberspace and to improve Israel's preparedness in dealing with the current and future challenges in cyberspace.

It is charged with improving the defense of national infrastructures critical to the continuation of normal life in the State of Israel and to protect them, as much as possible, from cyber attack, while advancing Israel's position as a center of information technology development, and at the same time encouraging cooperation between academia, industry and the private sector, government offices and the security community.

The Bureau is charged with promoting three central areas in the cyber field in Israel:

1. Advancing defense and building national strength in the cyber field
2. Building up Israel's lead in the cyber field
3. Advancing processes that support the first two tasks

The Bureau's tasks are outlined in
Government Resolution No. 3611  dated August 7, 2011:

Regarding the consolidating of a national cyber policy

1. To advise the Prime Minister, the government and its committees regarding cyberspace.  In matters of foreign affairs and security, the advice provided to the government, to its committees and to the ministers, will be provided on behalf of the bureau by means of the National Security Council.

2. To consolidate the government’s administrative work and that of its committees in the cyber field; to prepare them for their discussions and follow-up on implementation of their decisions.  In matters of foreign affairs and security, the consolidation of administrative work, preparation for discussions and follow-up on implementation of decisions will be carried out by the National Security Council.
3. To make recommendations to the Prime Minister and government regarding national cyber policy; to guide the relevant bodies regarding the policies decided upon by the government and/or the Prime Minister; to implement the policies and follow-up on their implementation.

4. To inform all the relevant bodies, as needed, about the complementary cyber-related policy guidelines resulting from Government Resolutions and committee decisions.

5. To advance coordination and cooperation between governmental bodies, defense community, academia, industrial bodies, businesses and other bodies relevant to the cyber field.

6. To advance legislation and regulation in the cyber field.

Regarding the enhancement of cyber security

7. To serve as a regulating body regulating body in fields related to cyber security, as detailed in Article I of Addendum B.

8. To determine and reaffirm, once a year, the national threat reference in defending cyberspace.

9. To formulate a national concept on dealing with emergency situations in cyberspace.

10. To conduct national and international exercises to improve the State of Israel’s preparedness in the cyberspace.

11. To assemble intelligence picture from all parties in the intelligence community regarding cyber security.

12. To assemble the national situation status regarding cyber security from all relevant parties.

13. To advance and increase public awareness to threats in cyberspace and mechanisms to cope with them.

14. To formulate and publish warnings and information for the public regarding cyberspace threats, as well as practices for preventative behavior.

Regarding the strengthening of Israel's lead in the cyber field

15. To promote research and development in the cyber field and supercomputing in the professional bodies.

16. To advance the formulation of national education plans and wise use of cyberspace.

17. To work to encourage cyber industry in Israel.

18. To promote cooperation with relevant bodies abroad